Zac Williams (Zacharias William Celinder) is a 26 year old musician, singer/songwriter, producer and performer. His music represents a variety of mixed genres mixing both pop, R&B and funk with elements of jazz and electronic sounds. His songwriting is influenced by American artists such as John Mayer, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Frank McComb, George Benson and Doobie Powell along with Brazilian artists like Ivan Lins and Djavan. Zac grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark singing classical music in Copenhagen Boys' Choir and this musical foundation can sometimes be felt especially in his background vocal arrangements. Zac produces most of his music himself. He plays several instruments such as guitar, bass, keyboards and a bit of chromatic harmonica. He has played alongside Danish artists such as Burhan G, Julias Moon and Infernal. He's been on stage twice with bass player Larry Graham (Sly & The Family Stone) and in 2016 he was the lead singer and guitarist with Prince' former drummer, John Blackwell at a Prince tribute in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

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